Course Description

God. Country. Notre Dame. We know these words. We’ve seen them and heard them, countless times. In this class, we will consider these words. We’ll consider their history and bearing on the present day. We will ask and attempt to answer the following questions: What does Notre Dame mean? How has Notre Dame changed and grown since its founding by Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC? What does Notre Dame mean to this country? What does this country mean to Notre Dame? What groups have shaped the Notre Dame we know today? What role do women, people of color, indigenous nations, and the military play in the story of ND?

This course challenges students to look at the history of the United States through the history, culture, art, and scholarship of our university. Students will learn a great deal about America, Notre Dame, and themselves in this course as ideas are challenged and accepted narratives are held up to scholarly scrutiny. Students will have the opportunity to create digital humanities projects as part of their coursework and to build lasting interpretations of their own views on God, the United States, and Notre Dame’s role(s) there within. #LoveThee

Digital Humanities Projects

Digitally created by students, these research-based projects tie, in some manner, Notre Dame to the history of South Bend, Indiana / Michigan / Illinois, the United States, or the world.  Click on the “Fall 2017” tab above to see the projects from last semester!